Hotmail Sign In With Two Step Verification Process

Hotmail Sign InHotmail is also known as and It’s an online email administration owned Microsoft. Logging into the can be done through Microsoft or Microsoft Hotmail is a free online email service run by the Microsoft corporation. You must follow the below steps provided to get logged into the Hotmail email service to access your Hotmail emails. The Hotmail login task is actually pretty much simple and can be accomplished in less than few minutes.

hotmail sign in

The Hotmail Login page reads your login credentials and authorizes them to take you into your Hotmail email account. You may also use these credentials to get logged into the windows operating system, Microsoft office software, windows mobile phone, Xbox, Skype, MSN, Bing, Microsoft store and also the Microsoft OneDrive. When you reach the Hotmail login screen, you might get surprised to see the Outlook logo. Please be aware that has been transformed to You may need Hotmail user id or Hotmail live id to get into Hotmail.

Please remember that it’s not necessary to input the login details of every time you use it from your desktop computer or mobile app. Hotmail email service has become an essential tool for Skype, Microsoft or MSN users.

Hotmail Sign In for Email Access:

Getting logged into the Hotmail is very easy. You may follow the below simple steps for signin.

  • Open your browser (Chrome/Firefox/I.E/Opera) and enter It would automatically redirect you to the
  • In the upper box, enter your Hotmail email id or phone number.
  • In the password section, enter your respective password.
  • In case you are signing in to the Hotmail account using your personal computer or laptop, then always make sure to check the small box which is available below, next to the password box, saying “keep me signed in”. By checking that box, your computer will remember you and will not ask you again to enter the login details. But it is advised not to check that option when there are other users available in your computer who are using your computer.
  • Now click the sign-in button and you are into the Hotmail login home page. Here, you can manage your Hotmail emails.

If you are unable to login to your account, then there is a good chance that you might have ended in entering your login credentials wrong. It’s always advised to check the username and password and try again to see if sigin happens successfully. In case you are unable to login to the Hotmail with your current password, you may have to reset your password. login

Hotmail Login with Onetime Code:

Accessing Hotmail service at public places is often unsecure as there are very large chances that one may track the password. Microsoft has recognised this security issue and has come with the “single -use code” concept. To access it, we need to click the option sign in with “single-use code”. We then be redirected to next page where it asks the mobile number. After entering the mobile number, you will get a code to your mobile number. You may now access your Hotmail account with that code.

Hotmail Two Step Verification for Extra Protection:

Hotmail is offering a two-layer secure protection for their users. Here, users are required to enter extra code along with their password, every time they login to their Hotmail email account from the unknown devices or browsers. The authentication code will be sent to their mobile number or to the alternative email address. This is the extra layer of protection to make your Hotmail email more secure.

hotmail two step verification

Microsoft’s OneDrive is a virtual drive and is often used for saving files, photos, music or sharing them. OneDrive can be downloaded for PC or mobile. You can login to the OneDrive account using your Hotmail account. Go to your browser and enter the URL – and sign in with your Hotmail email id. Users get virtual space of around 15 GB of free online storage.

You may also get logged into the MSN homepage and personalize your news and weather around you.

Using Hotmail login details, you can log into any windows device. You need Hotmail login credentials to operate windows operating system, windows 8 OS, windows 8.1 OS, windows 10 OS and windows mobile. Microsoft is aiming at providing a great unified experience across all its devices and services. So, with a single Hotmail account, one can access all the Microsoft products and services.


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