Forgot Hotmail Password – How to Recover/reset In 5 Mins

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How to Recover Lost Hotmail Password?

Sometimes it does happen that we lost our important account passwords such as Email and Bank Account. In such cases, you become in great trouble. If you are facing the same problem with your Hotmail Account, then don’t worry, today we are going to guide you through the process of Recovering Lost Hotmail Password.

Basically there are two ways to recover your lost Hotmail password. One is using your Mobile Number and other is by answering your security questions. Both of them are easy and fast. If you remember your security questions, then it is best, else you can recover your account password just by entering a verification code sent to your mobile number.

How to Recover Lost Hotmail Password?

As we have already stated, you can recover your Hotmail account using different methods. Either you can do it via Answering your security question or by using your phone number.

  1. Go to Hotmail Login page.
  2. Click on “Can’t Access Your Account?”
  3. Now enter your Microsoft Live Id in the first box and your mobile number in second box.
  4. Click on Text Me Code.
  5. Once you receive the code in your phone, enter it and you will be redirected to page where you can set your new password.
  6. Set a strong new password.

That’s it. You have now recovered your lost Hotmail account in few easy steps. If you get any errors or problems while doing this, then ask us in comments or contact us.